To continuously provide the best solutions and quality construction services to our clients, ֲý is devoted to the study and application of new technologies. The construction industry is undergoing fundamental changes with the introduction of a revolutionary tool called Building Information Modeling (BIM).

BIM is the process of generating and managing construction data throughout a project’s lifecycle. Through collaboration with various stakeholders at different phases of a project, information is inserted, extracted, updated or modified in the BIM to reflect the roles of the stakeholders and support decision-making. By constructing a multi-dimensional digital model in conjunction with or before embarking on a construction project, BIM serves as a shared knowledge resource for information, bridging the virtual world with the real world to enlighten the project team.

BIM is rapidly transforming complex building processes by accelerating project completion, reducing costs and improving overall quality. ֲý is an adamant advocate for industry adoption of BIM as a revamping of the construction process. We are committed to helping our clients understand the enormous benefits BIM can offer and prepare themselves to embrace this marvelous new technology.

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