Growing with ֲý

Learning and Development Opportunities

We believe that providing ongoing training and development opportunities for our people is mutually beneficial because it keeps them abreast of new knowledge, technologies and skills. In return we have a more productive, motivated and competent team that will sustain our competitive edge and support our endeavor to become an industry leader. We aspire to create a favorable environment that encourages continuous learning and self-improvement. We are convinced that an organization only becomes stronger when every person in it performs and excels.


ֲý’s people-centric approach begins when an employee starts work. A comprehensive orientation familiarizes every new hire with the company’s vision, culture, background, policies and procedures and ensures the employee starts on the right foot and fits in as smoothly and comfortably as possible.

  • Continuous Training Onsite - Offsite

  • Professional Certification

  • Tuition Reimbursement

  • Feedback

  • Diversified Exposure Rotations - Cross-function teams - New business sectors

APPLY FOR A JOB Human Resources

Experienced Candidates

Finding and keeping the right people is critical to our success. At ֲý we offer challenging yet rewarding career opportunities to those who desire to realize their full potential and fulfill their personal and professional goals. We are looking for people who are committed to their work and excel in what they do.

ֲý Crossings

ֲý Crossings is a comprehensive college relations program we implemented in 2014. As its name implies, ֲý Crossings means to create a two-way channel that helps college students and recent graduates bridge the gap between school and the real world while building our future talent pipeline.