Meeting Minutes

February 2018 Monthly Board Meeting Notes


Elk River Area Food Co-op Development Meeting

Date: February 19, 2018
Time: 6:30p to 8:30p
Location: Down stairs meeting room Eagles Club
Meeting: 57

Attendees: Annie, Kari, Maria, Liz F, Liz T, Anna, Christina, and Alyssa 

Treasures Report:

  • $2000 purchase on card???
  • Liz T look into and send to board
  • Still looking to fill treasures position
  • Annie will call candidate
  • Need to be in it for long haul, banking info all changed over

Membership Approval:

  • 317 owners 😊
  • Anna will host house party in March will get in touch with Christina after her trip next week

Marketing Update:

  • Old Main Eatery
    3-inch circle
    Main message: support local, community owned
    Advertise for two years
    Alyssa make drafts and email out
    QR code (scan code) - link to website
  • Welcome email series for online signups
  • 5 days of emails (our story, partners, FAQ’s, etc)
  • Do tutorial for FB to be more effective
  • Use mail chimp more than FB
  • Landing page for website
  • Few links to guide
  • Need new flyers and make flyers for volunteer recruitment
  • First week of March YMCA lunch and learn - March 7th 11:30am
  • Main Focus for month recruitment for volunteers and board members along with FB live

Volunteer Recruitment:

  • Recruitment open to ALL volunteers
  • Looking for a board member and fill treasurer position
  • March 24th 11a to 1p Volunteer Recruitment and ER Library

Committee Reports:

  • Education and Outreach: Liz F and Anna
    Met with Alyssa
    Still need to get together for work plan
    Free classes just to educate (different crowd of people)
    Co-op pay instructor
    Last 4 said they would do for free
    Try remainder of class year (giving back)
    Sign up with partners at the event (get email list for all of our partners)
    Play games at events (Bingo, true or false ?’s)
  • Membership: Christina and Kari
    Finished work plan
    Need to meet with Alyssa
  • Operations: Annie and Maria
    Need to back up membership list
    $30 usb 128 gigs
    Clean up google docs
    Alyssa bring files to Up and Coming (Maria upload)
    Adding to live binder
    Finance tab empty
    Tax ID, we are C- corporation
    Make google doc for volunteer recruitment
    Healthy Eating Tuesday, February 20th 6p to 7p at ER library
  • Finance: need to get this committee going ASAP

Retreat Follow up and Strategic plan:

  • Currently in stage 2 (finished stage 1 last year)
    Stage 2A feasibility 450 owners (more realistic goal)
    Revise business plan
    Seeing what we need (people)
    Get all work plans together

Board Policies:

Sign agreement next meeting
Annie sent email
Read and let know of any changes

Facebook Live:

Update Google Docs Calendar:
Liz F update
Everyone have access
Email event to Liz F and she will add to calendar

Up and Coming Co-op Conference:

Alyssa and Maria going
Alyssa send info to Liz T for reimbursement
Paid for by grant
Need to budget can and one or two meals

March 19th next board meeting at Elk River Golf Course


December 2017 - Meeting Minutes

Elk River Area Food Co-op Monthly Meeting
Date: December 18,2017
Time: 6:30p to 8:30p
Location: Eagles Club, Elk River
Meeting #: 56
Attendees:  Christina, Kari, Maria, Carla, Liz T, Annie, Angela, Alyssa, Liz F, and Anna by phone conference)

Treasurer’s Report:

Sent grant application
Everything good
Receive check in a week
$4,000 out of $10,000 grant
Use it or lose it?
Ask for extension Liz T or Annie contact Stuart

Membership Approvals:
Three new owners
308 total owners 😊

Marketing Report:
Planning January posts
Classes, events, partnerships etc
Link to Mail Chimp and Facebook
Develop general focus for each month
Any ideas for Jan….want to hear from board

January 13th Dunn Brothers, Zimmerman 10:00am to 1:30pm
Talk committees
Open to public at 11am

Employee Review:
Kari and Annie talked with Alyssa about current position
Keeps things up to date, raised awareness
Provide volunteer time, picking up slack
Need more organization and goals
We need Alyssa!!! 😊
Want to compliment skills while working on portfolio
$15/ hour current asking for a raise of $20

February homeopathic class with Anglea
Tiffany Flatten Carla contact
Angela contact bakery in Anoka
Liz F and Alyssa meet to get classes and logo in community ed brochure
Kari make sure everyone on Google Docs and email it
Finance committee scholarship fund  

6:30-7:30 P.M.