Membership Update: 180

Sitting in the kitchen eating lunch with the laptop open, e-mail popped up. I hear a ding letting me know a new membership came in. Jumped up and did the happy dance....

We just hit 180, we just hit 180!

Thank you Brian Harvey for making your commitment to the co-op vision and values. We are one step closer to making the co-op dream a reality. 

Brian joined because he realized how much he missed the quality and variety offered at the co-op in his old Minneapolis neighborhood. He wants to be able to spend 'locally' as often as possible and can't wait to see the Elk River Area Food Co-op doors open!

Our goal is still 200 by the end of February, help us get there. Already a member? Tell ALL your friends and family. You are an owner and have a huge part in the development of this dream! 

Haven't made the leap? What's holding you back? Go to our website for more information and to register today!