Membership Update: 200 & Beyond!

HOLY LENTILS! Have you heard the news??

The numbers are in and we exceeded our February membership goal. We now sit with 201 Elk River Area Food Co-op Member-Owners. 

Thank you Chris Martel, Rachel Hilyar, Bekki Day, Michelle Hall, Nicole West, Todd Kelven, Julie Severs, George Walker, Rachel Hoey, Brianna Collins, Carol Lamphere, Ryan Alcott, Brian Harvey, Heather Coleman, Garrett Hengstler, Liane Oanes, Janice Sack, Stuart Patterson, Greg Enkhaus, Jan Blount, Darlene Marotta, Jessica Busch, Randean Miller, Jennifer Worsen, Mary Hackenmueller, Marietta Saxon, Michelle Flahave, Connie Stewart, Brenda Kane, Kristin Frame, Alan Blake and Lisa Olson, Shane Durkopp and Faydra Hillstrom. 

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These are our friends and neighbors who support the co-op vision and want to have a reliable source for all their healthy food needs!

We've come a long way, yet have a long way to go. Keep spreading the word and telling people why you value the Elk River Area Food Co-op!

Not a member? What's holding you back? Reach out and get your questions answered.