January Monthly Board Meeting Minutes

Elk River Area Good Co-op Monthly Meeting
Date: January 15,2018
Time: 6:30-8:30pm
Location: Downstairs meeting room, Eagles Club, 824 Railroad Dr. Elk River, MN 55330
Meeting #: 57
Attendees: Christina, Alyssa, Kari, Liz T, Annie, and Liz F

Treasurer’s Report:

  • $6,997.12
  • Four new members 😊

  • Haven’t received grant money, Liz T will send Stuart email

  • Received a new application for treasurer position

    • Still accepting applications for treasurer position

  • Will send one more email blast to see if any other applicants

Membership Approvals:

  • 315  members 😊

Marketing Updates:

  • Signing up for Farmers Market

    • June 7th to Oct 4th 2p to 7p

    • Alyssa will email Liz T application $125

  • February Plans:

    • FAQ’s posted on FB

    • Video blog campaign for spring (30 seconds, what’s important?)

  • I own it campaign for June

  • Partner Promos at harvest time

Committee Reports:

  • [Annie] Operations:

    • Will be making binder with tabs: legality of co-op, bylaws, contacts, FAQ's

    • Co-op start up guide, work plans, timeline, etc.

    • Work plans done by end of January

  • [Liz F.] Education and Outreach:

    • Liz & Anna Met

    • Need to finalize charter and send to Annie

    • In the works: Facebook live parties, education and training

    • Committee Recruitment March 24th, 11-1 p.m. for community members

    • Start hosting movie showings to continue educating community

    • Class Updates:

      • Seafood class sold out- need to revise class structure and costs

  • [Kari & Christina] Membership:

    • To double our membership, we need to get 30 members/month

    • Christina updated members for newsletter list

    • Looking to reestablish house party volunteers

    • Start membership campaign

Volunteer Recruitment:

  • March 24th 9a to 1p

  • Alyssa will advertise on Facebook

  • Expectations to meet monthly no min. of hours

  • Alyssa will make applications

    • more formal

    • send application to Christina

  • No announcement until location is set [Library is confirmed for location


Up and Coming Conference: Milwaukee Food Co-op Conference 

  • Fly vs driving

  • Alyssa, Maria, and Liz F?

  • March 16th and 17th in Milwaukee, Wisc.

  • $1500 grant to cover expense

  • January 29th will do phone conference to finalize 8p to 9p Annie send email

Meet and Greet January 22nd 6p to 6:45 at ER Library

    Liz F and Christina

Next board meeting February 19th