Up & Coming: $1,500 Grant

The Elk River Area Food Co-op is back home from the 2017 Up and Coming Food Co-op Conference held in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. We had the chance to meet, learn from, and share with dozens of other food co-op's. We are so happy to share the exciting news -- Not only did we leave with a priceless amount of new knowledge and insight to move forward, but we were chosen to return next year with a $1,500 GRANT!!!

The co-op is evolving and we are so thankful for all the folks helping along the path. Thank you to our board members and staff who attended the conference, thank you to Outpost Natural Foods Co-op for all your work, thank you to everyone at Food Co-op Initiative for all your time and expertise, thank you to all the sponsors who made the conference available and thank you to every start up co-op that took time to learn how to better their communities and push through the challenges. The future looks bright, keep on shining!!!