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Our bylaws state we need 10% of owner participation for voting in our NEW Board of Directors [Bio's Here]. With a total of 303 members (at the time of the meeting) we need at least 31 votes, we received 28 votes. If you didn't have a chance to attend the 2016-2017 Annual Member Meeting, please take a second to fill out the ballot below. You have until December 5th to do so, otherwise by your silence we accept your vote. If there are any objections or concerns, please e-mail us at 

Your name and member number must match those in our records. Only one vote per member number is allowed (designated voter). Vote by selecting each box. You may select up to five candidates.

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2016-2017 Annual Report

Please review our Annual Report to read about our 2016-2017 successes and to learn ways you can continue to help the co-op grow. 

Screenshot 2017-11-27 14.03.10.png

As you will see on the above graph, and our report, Word of Mouth and Social Media have been the two largest contributors to our success. We ask the community to keep spreading the word and help us build visibility and awareness throughout town!

2016-2017 Annual Owner Meeting was a SUCCESS


We are so thankful to all the Elk River Area Food Co-op Owners who came out to our Annual Owner Meeting. We had a full house and are excited to be outgrowing our space! We started the night off with a community potluck and celebrations followed by new board applicant introductions and talking about 2018 goals. We then proceeded to go over the successes of 2016-2017 and vote in our full board of directors. At the end members had a chance to meet some of our partners and hear about their operations. It was a fun and motivating meeting to inspire the new year ahead.

If you couldn't make it here is what we covered:

2016-2017 Successes

*Membership: We nearly doubled our membership. We added over 145 new owners to our growing co-op community for a grand total of #305 OWNERS!! If we can double again this year to #600 we will begin looking for store locations.

*Community Connections: We now have a grand total of 17 local partnershipsmaking it more convenient for you to support local agriculture and small-town businesses. 

*Publicity: The co-op received tons of publicity - Check out all the newspaper articles tracking our growth: Co-op Doubles in Size, Hires First Staff, Johnson Begins Work for Elk River Area Food Co-op, Food Co-op Puts Emphasis on Buying Local, Co-op Doubles Membership, Meets Goals

*Outreach: We held 5 house parties, 3 Meet & Greets, attended over 15 Elk River Farmers Markets and set up for 6+ special community events in order to build visibility in our community. 

*Marketing: We hired our first staff! Alyssa Johnson helped us build awareness by designing, updating and maintaining our online social media and web presence. We also printed over 500 newly designed brochures, 1,000+ business cards, printed over 250 community flyers and distributed 50 yard signs. 

*Education: One of the co-op's core principles is health education and awareness. In 2016-2017 we hosted 7 community classes and continue to offer amazing opportunities to learn with like-minded individuals. Check out our calendar to see what classes are coming up next. 

*Training: Our board of directors and staff had the chance to attend multiple trainings at the local, regional and national level. This allowed us to learn ways to better serve our community and grow with the changing competitive market!

2018 Goals

*Double Membership: We need to double our membership (from 300+ to 600+) in order to start looking for physical locations. That shows us, and our lenders, that the community supports our efforts in creating a locally owned grocery store. 

*Establish 9-Member Committed Board of Directors: We elected 3 new Board Members, all serving a 3-year term. Our board is currently filled as we begin to develop training orientations and responsibility delegation. 

*Develop/Maintain Committees: In order for the Elk River Area Food Co-op to continue reaching our goals, we need to engage our community. Starting a food co-op take considerable time and effort, therefore we are looking for our community to step up and join our committees. Committee descriptions and expectations will be posted in the next few weeks, however please reach out if you have specific skills you'd like to donate to the co-op efforts. 

How you can help

Our goals are achievable, yet lofty. We need our entire community to support our efforts in order to move forward and make this co-op a reality. If you have time or skills you would like to volunteer, please fill out our volunteer application below. 

Volunteer Options

0-3 hours/month: 

3-6 hours/month:

  • Help distribute community flyers (flexible schedule)
  • Volunteer at orientations and special events

6-10 hours/month:

  • Join a Committee: Membership, Outreach, Operations or Finance
  • Join our Board of Directors: currently we are looking for someone with a finance background to be our Treasurer
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2016-2017 was a year of tremendous growth! We nearly doubled our membership to a total of #303 owners. We are so proud of our community and look forward to hitting our 2018 goals! We need your help to get there. In order for us to start looking for physical locations we will need around 600 owners. This shows us, and our lenders, that our community supports our efforts. 


If you haven't joined yet, please let us know why!
There is no better time to support local agriculture, healthy food access and community connections. 

Join today so we can make it happen:
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Jody’s Orchard & Gardens – LOCALLY GROWN APPLES

Pick up at: 10911 237th Avenue NW, Zimmerman

Elk River Area Food Co-op Members Receive $1.00 OFF

¼ peck bag - $6.00

½ peck bag - $10.00


Apples are pre-picked for you to choose your own with many varieties to choose from.

There is a limited supply, so make sure you pick your bag up soon!


Jody goes to extreme measures and works very hard to keep these apples chemical free! She bags almost every blossom on the trees to keep the bugs away. She managed to bag over 10,000 just this year! 


If you have any questions, please TEXT Jody at 612-817-6569.


On the first of September we hit #263 Member-Owners.

At thursday's City of Elk River Farmers Market a really great thing happened.... Donald Davies and Mary Rice walked up to our table after seeing a community flyer at Pompeii Pizzeria and immediately said "we want to support this". 

And so they did. Congrats on being Member Owner #263!!

We are only 37 Members away from hitting our Annual goal of #300 member-owners. Have you committed to your local co-op yet?

Join Today:

Membership Update: 200 & Beyond!

HOLY LENTILS! Have you heard the news??

The numbers are in and we exceeded our February membership goal. We now sit with 201 Elk River Area Food Co-op Member-Owners. 

Thank you Chris Martel, Rachel Hilyar, Bekki Day, Michelle Hall, Nicole West, Todd Kelven, Julie Severs, George Walker, Rachel Hoey, Brianna Collins, Carol Lamphere, Ryan Alcott, Brian Harvey, Heather Coleman, Garrett Hengstler, Liane Oanes, Janice Sack, Stuart Patterson, Greg Enkhaus, Jan Blount, Darlene Marotta, Jessica Busch, Randean Miller, Jennifer Worsen, Mary Hackenmueller, Marietta Saxon, Michelle Flahave, Connie Stewart, Brenda Kane, Kristin Frame, Alan Blake and Lisa Olson, Shane Durkopp and Faydra Hillstrom. 

[Please feel free to tag yourself and share on your personal page]

These are our friends and neighbors who support the co-op vision and want to have a reliable source for all their healthy food needs!

We've come a long way, yet have a long way to go. Keep spreading the word and telling people why you value the Elk River Area Food Co-op!

Not a member? What's holding you back? Reach out and get your questions answered.

Membership Update: 190

Thank you Randean Miller for being #190!! 

9 days ago we hit 180 and look where we are at. If we can continue to grow this fast we could have a store location picked by the middle of 2018. Keep spreading the word and tell your friends why you 'own it'!

The more members we get, the quicker this co-op will develop. 

Support local. Support community. 
Support your co-op!

The Co-op is Growing: Celebrating 170!

Since the beginning of 2017 we have added EIGHT new MEMBERS to our growing co-op team! We hit another milestone, we are now at 170 Elk River Area Food Co-op members. This weekend people were thinking about the co-op. We are now at ONE HUNDRED AND SEVENTY member-owners. That is amazing. Your investment puts us that much closer to making the co-op dream into a reality!

Can we make it to 200 by the end of February??

Yes, we can. And this is how….

Not a member? Sign up today. All it takes is a one time investment and you get a lifetime of benefits. We currently have TEN small business partnerships offering discounts to co-op members. Members receive discounts on classes plus are the first to know about everything that is going on with the co-op. Sign up today and support local, strengthen your community, and help the co-op grow! For more information and to register, check out our Membership page.

Currently a member? Tell all your friends, share our postsbecome a partner,  join our community classeshost a house party. The only way for this thing to really happen is for ALL OF US to proudly support and promote the Elk River Area Food Co-op.

What a wonderful way to ring in the New Year! Lets keep pushing forward.

Keep spreading the co-op word and tell all your friends and family about our efforts. Education and awareness is the only way to bring about change.

Lets hit 200 by February 28th!!

Membership Update: 180

Sitting in the kitchen eating lunch with the laptop open, e-mail popped up. I hear a ding letting me know a new membership came in. Jumped up and did the happy dance....

We just hit 180, we just hit 180!

Thank you Brian Harvey for making your commitment to the co-op vision and values. We are one step closer to making the co-op dream a reality. 

Brian joined because he realized how much he missed the quality and variety offered at the co-op in his old Minneapolis neighborhood. He wants to be able to spend 'locally' as often as possible and can't wait to see the Elk River Area Food Co-op doors open!

Our goal is still 200 by the end of February, help us get there. Already a member? Tell ALL your friends and family. You are an owner and have a huge part in the development of this dream! 

Haven't made the leap? What's holding you back? Go to our website for more information and to register today!