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NOW WANTED! [Treasurer]

The Elk River Area Food Co-op is currently looking for a Treasurer to fill our Board of Directors. If you have financial experience and a desire to help develop a start-up cooperative in order to bring fresh, local food to your community, apply today!

**This is a volunteer position, there is no monetary compensation.**



Treasurer: The treasurer shall make a report at each board meeting. The treasurer shall lead the finance committee, assist in the preparation of the budget, help develop fundraising plans, and make financial information available to board members and the public. Additional duties are as follows.

  • Understand financial accounting for for-profit food co-ops.

  • Serve as financial officer of the organization and as lead person of the finance committee.

  • Manage, with the finance committee, the board's review and action related to the board's financial responsibilities.

  • Ensure that appropriate financial reports are made available to the board on a timely basis.

  • Prepare the annual budget and presenting the budget to the board for approval.

  • Coordinate with tax representative to complete the annual taxes, as required by law.

  • Must have training and experience using QuickBooks.


  • Share in the vision and core values of the Elk River Area Food Co-op while also having a passion for the mission of the cooperative.

  • Commit time and energy in order to fulfill the mission of the co-op during its developmental stages. In order to successfully comply with this expectation, we ask all of our Board Members to commit a minimum of 10 hours a month. This includes attending monthly board meetings, volunteering at events and helping on committees as needs arise.

  • Attend and fully participate in all board meetings.

  • Board Members are required to represent the Elk River Area Food Co-op in a positive, professional manner. The Board of Directors is the face of the co-op and it is their duty to share the co-op message. Communicating the mission and vision of the co-op to our community is one of the highest regarded responsibilities of the Board of Directors.

  • Learn the operations of the co-op, the duties and expectations of the director, board adopted policies and the board’s legal responsibilities. This would be through orientation to the board and committees, board retreats and board education sessions and conferences.

Benefits of Serving

In addition to expectations, there are numerous benefits that go along with serving on the board of the Elk River Area Food Co-op. These benefits can vary, based on what you are looking for in your social engagement, career aspirations, as well as personal development. Due to the unique nature of the development of the co-op, as a board member, you have the benefit of shaping your board service to fit your unique strengths and talents.

Things to considering if you are running for a board position:

  • Leadership and resume building experience

  • Opportunity to help shape the co-op from its beginning stages

  • Increased knowledge of food co-ops and cooperatives in general

  • Opportunity to make community connections, as well as friendships

  • Build entrepreneurial & business skills, as well as self-improvement

    By joining the Elk River Area Food Co-op Board of Directors you become an integral asset in the co-op’s development. Your passion, commitment and leadership will help guide the co-op to success and is setting the foundation for a strong, cooperative team. By become a Board Member, you are improving your local small town by making healthy, fresh food accessible for all. Your time and dedication will help the Elk River Area grow progressively and increase the wellbeing of our community. 

ISO: Marketing & Outreach Interns


The Elk River Area Food Co-op is growing! We are looking to add two marketing interns to our team. This is a great position for high school seniors and college students who want to get involved in their community and gain tangible business skills along the way. This is an unpaid position.

Marketing Intern Responsibilities


  • Assist current Marketing & Outreach Coordinator with social media development and website maintenance. 
  • Build co-op awareness and visibility within the community by distributing marketing materials.
  • Educate the community about co-op efforts by attending co-op events and farmers market booth.
  • Supporting the marketing team in daily administrative tasks.


Job brief

We are looking for an enthusiastic marketing intern to join our team and help us achieve our goals. As a marketing intern, you will be assisting and collaborating with our current Marketing and Outreach Coordinator in order to help us build co-op awareness and visibility within the community. Your insightful contribution will help develop, expand and maintain our brand awareness.

This internship will help you acquire basic business and communication skills. Training is provided and you will be guided and directed along the way. No marketing or outreach experience necessary, though we do need outgoing, dedicated and hard working individuals.


  • Attend community events: farmers markets, parades, etc.
  • Help distribute marketing materials: community flyers, yard signs, etc.
  • Communicate with co-op partners when necessary for donations, event organizing, etc.
  • Help develop and maintain social media presence: Facebook, Instagram, MailChimp
  • Support the marketing team in daily administrative tasks
  • Assist in marketing and advertising promotional activities: MailChimp Newsletter, Co-op Brochures, Community Flyer Designs
  • Prepare promotional presentations
  • Help organize marketing events


  • Reliable transportation to/from events and to distribute marketing materials
  • Willingness to work in a team 
  • Reliable means of communication: cell phone, e-mail
  • Strong listening skills and ability to take direction from team lead
  • Strong desire to learn along with professional drive
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Basic understanding of social media platforms: Instagram, Facebook, etc.
  • 7-10/hours per week, unpaid
  • Hours are flexible

If you are interested in the position, please fill out the form below. We will collect your information and connect with you with further questions and to set up an interview. If you have further questions please e-mail us at

Name *

Committee Member Application

The Elk River Area Food Co-op is growing fast and we need all the extra hands and help we can get! If you are passionate about bringing fresh, local food to your dinner table, get involved with the Elk River Area Food Co-op.

We are looking for Community Members who are wiling to donate 1-5 hours per month plus attend one monthly committee meeting. We are encouraging any and all dedicated individuals to apply, regardless of skills or expertise - there is room for all backgrounds, trades and personalities!

If you believe in supporting local agriculture and desire the healthiest food the Elk River Area has to offer, then get involved with your local food co-op and help us open our doors!


The general purpose of all committees is to assist the Board of Directors in filling its responsibilities to the membership. Committee members play a supportive role to the board by doing research, gathering information, tabulating data, making comparisons, determining cost options, and presenting recommendations to the board. 


  • Membership: The Membership Committee is responsible for promoting ownership in the co-op and is held accountable to achieve membership growth targets.
    This includes, but is not limited to:
    • Welcoming new members
    • Coordinating volunteers
    • Scheduling house parties
    • Implementing membership campaigns
    • Establishing membership connections.
  • Outreach Committee: The Outreach Committee is in charge of building awareness and visibility in the community and promotes/educates the importance and value of having a food co-op. This includes, but is not limited to:
    • Scheduling events and classes
    • Building community connections (establishing partnerships, exploring networking opportunities, etc.)
    • Community awareness and education (Implementing Meet & Greets, hosting farmers market booth, managing Facebook Live Conference Calls, etc.)
  • Finance Committee: The Finance Committee provides oversight to the financial operations of the Co-op.
    This includes, but is not limited to:
    • Economic development
    • Member capital campaign and funding
    • Grant research and exploration
    • Financial analysis, etc.
  • Operations Committee: The Operations Committee provides leadership development, creates board policies, structure and systems of accountability to ensure proper business planning and strategic direction.
    This includes, but is not limited to:
    • Building and maintaining timelines and work plans
    • Developing training and leadership for board
    • Creation of policies and systems
    • Business planning

Committee Member Application

Name *
(Example: Are you good with Accounting? Business Planning? Communication? Teamwork and leadership? What is your background?)
What committee(s) are you most interested in joining? *
If you have additional comments, concerns or questions, please provide them here.


Things may seem unstable, busy and out of control at times. 
However, we want to remind you how much power you have to create your own community.

It is easy to get sucked into the dramas of the news and the division of opinions. You may not be able to change the world, but who needs to? Individual choice is the only way to influence and improve the whole. Our daily habits and actions are what matter most.

This year we encourage you to support local whenever possible - whether that means calling up one of our partners for fresh food, or buying your coffee at a mom and pop instead of Starbucks. This keeps your money in the hands of families and neighbors instead of multi-billion dollar corporations.

We encourage you to connect with your community - get involved, come to our classes, make new friends who also are interested in bettering their lives and wellbeing. The more you connect with others the more you can relate, and maybe life won't seem so challenging! 

Become a member, join our forces, and help us build a gathering space for all to enjoy. We want to make health and wellness easy and accessible instead of confusing and overwhelming. We believe that healthy, tight-knit communities means happy communities.

We invite you to get involved and help make this co-op dream a reality ~ whatever that means for you!

On the surface, the Elk River Area Food Co-op is a Member-Owned Grocery Store. But dig a bit deeper and you will find that our mission is to empower the community to work together and build a brighter, healthier, fairer future for all to enjoy. Whether it's the environment, our local economy, or the livelihood of our neighbors and friends - we believe that cooperation and support are the only tried and true means of living wholesome lives.

May 2018 be the most fulfilling year yet!
~The Elk River Area Food Co-op

2018 goals & how we plan to achieve them

2016-2017 was a year of many successes!
Read our Annual Report and the Star News coverage of our Annual Meeting to learn more. We are so thankful for the support of our community.
However, in order to keep flourishing, we need YOUR time and energy. 

2018 Goals

2018 is going to be a huge year and we need to bring our neighbors and friends together to make this co-op dream a reality. Here are our current goals for the coming year:

*Double Membership: We need to double our membership (from 300+ to 600+) in order to start looking for physical locations. That shows us, and our lenders, that the community supports our efforts in creating a locally owned grocery store. 

*Establish 9-Member Committed Board of Directors: We elected 3 new Board Members, all serving a 3-year term. Our board is currently filled as we begin to develop training orientations and responsibility delegation. 

*Develop/Maintain Committees: In order for the Elk River Area Food Co-op to continue reaching our goals, we need to engage our community. Starting a food co-op take considerable time and effort, therefore we are looking for our community to step up and join our committees. Committee descriptions and expectations will be posted in the next few weeks, however please reach out if you have specific skills you'd like to donate to the co-op efforts. 

How are we going to get there? 

Our number one priority is to build our membership foundation to 600+ owners in order to start looking for a physical location. In order to do that we need help spreading the word and building awareness!

Join today.
We need our community to commit to our vision and values. The easiest way to do that is to become a member today! You pay a one time fee of $100 and unlock a handful of discounts and member-only benefits from local farmers and small town businesses. Your money stays close to home and you can rest easy knowing you own your very own grocery store.

Already a member?
Refer a friend, host a house party, volunteer your time... We need our members to donate their skills and passion to our cause. In order to get this thing going we need the energy of the entire community. Please find out how you can help & get involved today. 

Don't have much time, but still want to help?
The easiest, most cost effective tool we have is WORD OF MOUTH. Tell everyone you know there is a co-op coming to town! Follow, like and share our posts and e-mails with your network.

If you have further questions, concerns or recommendations, please e-mail

Come Get Your Yard Sign

Elk River Area Food Co-op yard signs are ready to be picked up! We will be at the Elk River Farmers Market Thursdays from 2 p.m. to 6 p.m. until October 2017. Yard signs and stakes are free but we are welcoming a $10.00 donation for anyone willing to help cover the printing costs.

Yard signs are one of the most effective, cost-efficient tools to spread the word-
Support local, support your neighborhood co-op!