2018 goals & how we plan to achieve them

2016-2017 was a year of many successes!
Read our Annual Report and the Star News coverage of our Annual Meeting to learn more. We are so thankful for the support of our community.
However, in order to keep flourishing, we need YOUR time and energy. 

2018 Goals

2018 is going to be a huge year and we need to bring our neighbors and friends together to make this co-op dream a reality. Here are our current goals for the coming year:

*Double Membership: We need to double our membership (from 300+ to 600+) in order to start looking for physical locations. That shows us, and our lenders, that the community supports our efforts in creating a locally owned grocery store. 

*Establish 9-Member Committed Board of Directors: We elected 3 new Board Members, all serving a 3-year term. Our board is currently filled as we begin to develop training orientations and responsibility delegation. 

*Develop/Maintain Committees: In order for the Elk River Area Food Co-op to continue reaching our goals, we need to engage our community. Starting a food co-op take considerable time and effort, therefore we are looking for our community to step up and join our committees. Committee descriptions and expectations will be posted in the next few weeks, however please reach out if you have specific skills you'd like to donate to the co-op efforts. 

How are we going to get there? 

Our number one priority is to build our membership foundation to 600+ owners in order to start looking for a physical location. In order to do that we need help spreading the word and building awareness!

Join today.
We need our community to commit to our vision and values. The easiest way to do that is to become a member today! You pay a one time fee of $100 and unlock a handful of discounts and member-only benefits from local farmers and small town businesses. Your money stays close to home and you can rest easy knowing you own your very own grocery store.

Already a member?
Refer a friend, host a house party, volunteer your time... We need our members to donate their skills and passion to our cause. In order to get this thing going we need the energy of the entire community. Please find out how you can help & get involved today. 

Don't have much time, but still want to help?
The easiest, most cost effective tool we have is WORD OF MOUTH. Tell everyone you know there is a co-op coming to town! Follow, like and share our posts and e-mails with your network.

If you have further questions, concerns or recommendations, please e-mail elkriverfoodcoop@gmail.com.