Things may seem unstable, busy and out of control at times. 
However, we want to remind you how much power you have to create your own community.

It is easy to get sucked into the dramas of the news and the division of opinions. You may not be able to change the world, but who needs to? Individual choice is the only way to influence and improve the whole. Our daily habits and actions are what matter most.

This year we encourage you to support local whenever possible - whether that means calling up one of our partners for fresh food, or buying your coffee at a mom and pop instead of Starbucks. This keeps your money in the hands of families and neighbors instead of multi-billion dollar corporations.

We encourage you to connect with your community - get involved, come to our classes, make new friends who also are interested in bettering their lives and wellbeing. The more you connect with others the more you can relate, and maybe life won't seem so challenging! 

Become a member, join our forces, and help us build a gathering space for all to enjoy. We want to make health and wellness easy and accessible instead of confusing and overwhelming. We believe that healthy, tight-knit communities means happy communities.

We invite you to get involved and help make this co-op dream a reality ~ whatever that means for you!

On the surface, the Elk River Area Food Co-op is a Member-Owned Grocery Store. But dig a bit deeper and you will find that our mission is to empower the community to work together and build a brighter, healthier, fairer future for all to enjoy. Whether it's the environment, our local economy, or the livelihood of our neighbors and friends - we believe that cooperation and support are the only tried and true means of living wholesome lives.

May 2018 be the most fulfilling year yet!
~The Elk River Area Food Co-op