Alyssa Johnson

Support & Outreach Opportunities

Alyssa Johnson
Support & Outreach Opportunities

The more people who know about the co-op, the more members we have, the sooner we open our doors. The best way to create that awareness is to spread the co-op word. Support the Elk River Area Food Co-op development by liking, sharing, and promoting our vision and efforts.



Host a house party

We believe that gathering people together around a common table to discuss an important issue in a comfortable environment is a great way to grow sustainable and durable support for the Elk River Area Food Co-op. Host a house party and invite your friends over to build awareness of our efforts.


The name is catchy, but it doesn't have to be lunch. It can be breakfast, or dinner or any group gathering. Get us in front of your network! We would love to come give a short presentation to any group, club or congregation you are a member of in the Elk River Area. [Including but not limited to: Otsego, Zimmerman, Big Lake, Ramsey, Anoka, or Rogers]

No obligations, just information. It doesn't have to be fancy, any group of any size at any venue is a possibility. This includes your home, office, church, favorite soccer field or coffee shop.



Download & Print our Community Flyer

Print and distribute our flyer.
Hang on community boards, post at the office, or bring it to your next networking event! Visibility translates to awareness, let people know about our efforts.


Follow Us

Like, follow, and share our Facebook and Instagram posts. You can even help grow our membership base by changing your profile picture with an Elk River Area Food Co-op Badge.