Community Benefits

Watch this short ERtv Interview between the Elk River Area Food Co-op and our partners at Walker Farms in Princeton. We discuss the impact the co-op will have on local agriculture, individual consumers and the community as a whole. 

If you believe in our message, don't hesitate to join. The more members we gain, the sooner we open our doors!

Not only do our members benefit from the development of a co-op, but the community at large can reap the rewards of a locally owned and operated grocery store.

The Elk River Area Food Co-op is guided by a strong set of principles. Our vision is rooted in ethical business practices, building a cohesive community, increasing health education and awareness and obtaining fairly priced, high-quality foods. 


Co-op's are dedicated to sourcing there food as close to home as possible. What that means is there is less environmental damage due to transportation costs. This also allows seasonality to be more accessible as local farmers are growing what is available with the current forecasts.  


Co-op's are committed to working with neighborhood farmers in order to close the supplier/consumer gap and build a transparent relationship for all involved. That means you can trust the products and techniques used by the producers of the co-op. 

Social Equality:

Co-op's believe in providing fair wages to those that work for them; employees, producers, etc. What the translates to is fair prices for our costumers. Also, co-op's are democratically owned, meaning as a member you have a voice and vote on business decisions as they arise.

Building the Local Economy:

The money you spend stays close to home, your one-time membership fee fosters community growth. Plus, with local farmers as our main priority, you are supporting neighborhood friends instead of private investors.

Health Education & Awareness:

We believe healthy communities are happy communities. One of our leading principles is Health Education & Awareness, in which we provide resources, community classes, and guidance so you can feel supported in your wellness journey.
Community Connections:

Our vision is to connect our community in a time of disconnect. We want to provide the space and opportunity for like-minded people to come together in order to provide a brighter future for generations to come.

Elk River Area Food Co-op is a cooperative movement to bring the power back to the individual. What more could you ask for?