Board of Directors Application


The Elk River Area Food Co-op is governed by the Board of Directors who is elected by our owners. The Board’s role is to represent our members, to create and implement a vision for the co-op and develop policies that guide movement toward that vision. This is a “working” board. Directors are expected to assist with various tasks and/or needs, volunteer for at least two events throughout the year and attend monthly board meetings. Board directorship is an excellent way to participate in a dynamic and effective process that helps to support a successful cooperative venture.

Application Instructions

Once you have reviewed the attached documents [Board Member Expectations & Benefits of Board Service ], please complete the questions on this application in as much detail as possible. All interested persons are encouraged to apply.

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(Example: Are you good with Accounting? Business Planning? Communication? Teamwork and leadership? What is your background?)
Please honestly indicate how much time you can put into the Elk River Area Food Co-op *
It takes a lot of work to bring a community together. We are looking for individuals who not only have the passion, but the time and expertise, to promote the co-op efforts. Please honestly indicate which time range fits your schedule. All responsibilities are mere examples, roles will be co-developed with board and applicant approval. Please choose one time frame that best fits your schedule.
If you have additional comments, concerns or questions, please provide them here.