Become a Partner

Becoming an Elk River Area Food Co-op Partner is simple and convenient.

By becoming a partner you are supporting the co-op vision and in turn helping us grow and achieve our goals. Become a member, decide what discounts you will provide the Elk River Area Food Co-op members, and actively promote the co-op efforts. In doing so, you gain free exposure through our website and an added costumer base. It’s a beautiful thing when small business’s support each other, unlock a whole new world of collaboration and become a partner today!


  • The Elk River Area Food Co-op will help promote your business on our Facebook, Website and in our Newsletter by providing information on discounts, member-only deals and industries best practices.
  • You are helping a grass roots effort to provide healthy, local, sustainably raised goods in YOUR community.
  • You will be added to our Co-op Partnership Book that is displayed out our events and classes, providing our community with your contact and business information.


Name *
Phone *
What will you offer our members? 20% off case orders, free consultation, etc.
Please provide a brief description of your business, practice, vision and principles. What sets you apart?
How would you like consumers to contact you? E-mail, phone, in person, etc.
If you have any further questions or details you'd like to provide, please do so here.


STEP ONE: Become a member

  • In order to become a partner you must first become a member of the Elk River Area Food Co-op. As a member you become an owner in our community-supported business and are an integral asset in moving the co-op forward. A one-time investment of $100 will get you a handful of benefits. No annual fees or hidden costs, transparency is one of our values.
  • You can sign up online or mail in a membership form. The application takes less than 5 minutes with benefits available immediately!

STEP TWO: Decide what you will offer

  • The Elk River Area Food Co-op prides itself on supporting local! What do you have to offer? We want to help you grow your business as you help us grow ours. Decide what discount you will provide to our Food Co-op Member-Owners and we will add you to our growing list of community partnerships! That means free promotion and a whole new customer base.

STEP THREE: Spread the word

  • Proudly spread the co-op word. Let your customers know you have teamed up with the local co-op and tell them why! Share our posts, forward our newsletter, display our 'Proud Partnership Table Tent' at your check out counter. Word of mouth is the strongest form of promotion and it’s free, so talk about our efforts as often as you can. This not only helps the co-op gain visibility in the community but it allows you to promote your business and discounts.