Partner of the Week: IRON SHOE FARM

Elk River Area Food Co-op Partner of the Week - Iron Shoe

Business Name: Iron Shoe Farm
Type of Business: Local Family Farm
Products: Microgreens, hydroponic vegetables, pasture raised beef/chicken/pork, fresh farm eggs, free ranged Muscovy duck

Elk River Area Food Co-op Member Benefit: 5-10% off all microgreens, hydroponic vegetables, pasture raised beef, chicken and pork.

How can we order??

  • Farmers Market: To receive your discount show your membership card to Carla at the Elk River Farmers Market, Big Lake Farmers Market or Princeton Farmers Market
  • Farm Pick-up: Contact Carla and place your order for pick up by appointment at the farm (located in Princeton)
  • Connect: through Facebook, Email or Phone for questions or to place your order.


About the farm:
Iron Shoe was established in 2013 with 3 head of cattle, 150 chickens and 2 hogs. In just a few short years they have seen immense growth at the local and regional level. Since their humble beginnings, they have grown to supply 6 local restaurants (Featuring: Tipsy Chicken, Rockwoods Bar & Grill and Main Street Farmer), 4 food co-op's (Good Earth Food Co-op, Harvest Moon, City Center Market and our very own Elk River Area Food Co-op) and 3 farmers markets (Elk River, Big Lake, Princeton) while also servicing 700 families in the Elk River Area.


Iron Shoe now supplies up to 15 head of cattle per year, 2,500 chickens, 6,000 eggs and 20 hogs to the local area! In 2017 they expanded by adding a microgreen operation (If you haven't tried the tiny, nutrient packed plants, you've got to start). Since then they have increased business from 3 trays a week to nearly 30 trays of microgreens for co-ops, farmers markets and restaurants. 


About the family:
Iron Shoe is a small family farm comprised of Dave, Carla and their teenage daughter. Both Dave and Carla work full time off the farm. Dave is an engineer at Sportech by day and Carla an interior designer. Farming is their hobby and passion, with a mission to bring healthy raised whole, natural and sustainably products to the Elk River Area. They believe it is important to know where our food is sourced and are happy to provide the best quality and service to their customers. 

In the small bit of spare time they have, the Mertzes enjoy taking time away to go to the family cabin, fish & hunt and travel to watch their daughter competitively figure skate. Carla is very involved in the community and gleans her energy through connecting with others and providing healthy products to her neighbors and friends.


Partnering with the Elk River Area Food Co-op:
Iron Shoe believes in the co-op's mission and are deeply affected by our efforts, partnering and providing our members with discounts since 2016. Working with the Elk River Area Food Co-op helps their small farm stay sustainable and raises awareness of the impact of "keeping it local". By partnering with the Elk River Area Food Co-op, they are able to support the communities within a 30 mile radius of their farm. When shopping with local farmers, like Iron Shoe, you are supporting real families who put their heart, sweat and tears into bringing the most cared for products to your dinner table. Waking up before the sun and feeding animals after a full day of work is not an easy task. This community wouldn't be the same without these hardworking farmers who give their all!

Learn More & Place Your Order

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Business Address: Iron Shoe Farm - 31548 136th St. NW, Princeton, MN 55371