The Elk River Area Food Co-op is a start-up, member-owned grocery store. Currently we do not have a physical location. In order to open our doors we need to have a healthy, loyal membership base. Proving to us, and our future lenders, that our community supports the co-op vision & efforts. In the mean time we've worked hard to provide priceless benefits for our current 300+ (and growing) member-owners and the community at large. 

The cooperative idea is more than a physical store, it is a grass-roots movement to bring the power back to the individual. Co-op's are built on the idea that local owners, not far-away investors, direct the business and gain the benefits of success. 

Read on to hear how we are making a big impact in our small town..


We've worked hard to connect our community. Currently we have 21 local partnerships with small businesses and neighborhood farms to provide our members with the freshest, trustworthy foods and goods around town!


community benefits

Members make the co-op possible, but once opened, anyone will be able to shop. We do our best to keep the money you spend at the co-op in your local economy, aiding in community development and employment opportunities.


health education

We believe well informed communities are healthy and happy communities. Therefore we are dedicated to providing health and wellness education and awareness to the public. Join us at our next community class.

Elk River Area Food Co-op Development Timeline-2.jpg

The most common question we get asked is 'when is the store going to open?'
Well, that's really up to you!
In order to start looking for physical locations we need approximately 600 member-owners, proving to us and our future lenders that our community supports our vision and values. 
Above is a general timeline showing the biggest milestones.
The more volunteers we have, the quicker we gain members, the sooner we open our doors.
Get involved today or become a member and help us hit our goals!